Anhui Cereals Oils & Foodstuffs I/E(Group) Corp. is authorized by the Anhui Provincial Government as the state-owned enterprises, one of the biggest foreign trade companies in Anhui Province. The company was founded in June, 1976(originally names as "Anhui Branch of National Cereals Oils & Foodstuffs I/E Corp."), and got her name in 1989. Since 1991, the company has listed her name among the top 500 enterprises in China, and as one of the "National Quality and Benefit Foreign Enterprises " with the honor of "Special Prize". The company is also included in the top 100 foreign trade companies in China. In July, 2000, the company was admitted by ISO9002 certification, and appraised by the Ministry of National Agriculture and other 8 Sections as "National Heading Enterprise of Agricultural Industry". According to the data of National Bureau of Statistics during 2000-2009, the company listed his name among "the biggest 1000 companies and groups". In the past 30 years, the company has developed from a specialized foreign trade company to a comprehensive enterprise combining domestic and foreign trade, property, investment, financial activities, advertisement and service.In 2015, the I/E has amounted to USD1.29Billion and is increasing steadily.

    With the registered capital of RMB120M, the business scopes include: I/E of commodities and technological property approved by the National Government, purchasing of foodstuffs, storage and transportation, consultation and service, leasing of house and equipments, dispatching the labor force to the overseas projects, etc.
    The new company will do her best to cooperate with the friends at home and abroad based on the mutual benefit and development.
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